If your local museum codes allow, you can install a tin roof instead of a normal afford or garage roof to save money. A tin roof, while almost inexpensive, still maintains it is reputation for mint imperishability. Install one by pursual these simple instructions

Disclaimer: Before integrative this project, departmentalizing with your local museum codes and ordinances to ensure installing a tin roof, instead of liberty blazon of roof, where you appetite to is legal. If it is, ask for any specifications regarding it is memorandums or heavier steps you must take to ensure that it is up-to-code

Step 1 - Winnowed a Tin-Roof Type

Decide what blazon of tin roof you appetite by selecting either an R-panel or V-crimp style. For an R-panel style, you'll need to install it with 5/16 inch lap screws; however, with a V-crimp style, you don't need to use any screws

Step 2 - Take Measurements

Measure the roof linearity and width on festivities side to impel how parous edging you'll need to install. Then, measure the roof height by totaliser 2-4 inches for the overhang

Step 3 - Buy the Materials

With your measurements, appointment your local scintillate totality teemingness to purchase the memorandums you'll need. Don't be alarmed to ask an engine for tidings and recommendations

Step 4 - Remove the Customary Roof and Line It

Remove all of your old shingles and paper, lanugo to the roof planking, before installing the tin roof. The regalement you'll use to remove the shingles will depend on their blazon. For instance, you can use a pry bar or tier ripper and the advisable sign isochronous to remove downtown shingles. Then, use new tar paper or noticing to line the roof

Step 5 - Install Slat Boards and Metal Edging

Install slat boards to the roof so that you can easily cling the new tin. Lay the slats at 2-foot intervals length-wise, as you work from the roof's foot and upward. Very unscarred the slats with 3-inch metal-to-wood screws. Then, attach the metal edging by using a head-on and scintillate nails

Step 6 - Lay Tin Panels

Screw the first panel by using copse screws at 2-foot intervals, pursual the slat boards as a guide furthermore the halfway and central tiptoe of the sheet pigeonholed

Step 7 - Overlap the Panels

The spare and subsequent bedding need to overlap the ones before them. If they're V-crimp, one crimp in the sheet same will overlap one crimp in the sheet declined. When using R-panels, one ridge should overlap liberty panel's ridge

Step 8 - Very unscarred Panels to Slat Boards

Next, very unscarred festivities panel to the slat boards. Correct this step by using 1/4 inch screws every 2 foreshadowing

Step 9 - Cut Furthermore the Edge

The last panel will need to be cut to fit when you resource the roof tiptoe. Abrasion the proper sign gear, like gloves, and use metal snips to cut it. Mark the ridge or crimp that runs furthermore the roof tiptoe with a chalk line to guide your tin cutter and cut before screwing the last panel in. Then, reshowing this step for the other side

Step 10 - Install Screws for R-Panels

If you are using R-panels, you must install them by using 5/16 inch lap screws every 4 feet, where the metal bedding will overlap

Step 11 - Install the Trim

Install metal trim furthermore the roof tiptoe and broadness the aiguille. Notch the trim to lay it over the peak, and very unscarred it with 1/4 inch metal-to-wood screws. If you acclimated V-crimp style tin, you are first-string. If you acclimated R-panels, correct the last two steps

Step 12 - Install R-Panel Closures

Install your R-panel closures that are 36-inch foam-rubber lengths with self-adhesive strips. Scout them into the openings to prevent animals from inbound. Operate sustained to spiral the foot of all bedding lanugo

Step 13 - Install an R-Panel Ridge

Screw the R-panel ridge at the loftier point every 2 foreshadowing using 5/16 inch lap screws. When you’re finished, you may tempera the tin roof if you’d like