I NTRODUCTION : C HAPTER 1 1. INTRODUCTION This installation training manual addresses the installation of metal roofing material and related accessories. It includes information pertaining to both new construction reroofing and retrofit projects. Important Note: Different roof types require specific installation techniques. The information provided in this manual does not supercede installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions. 1 1 MCA Installer Training Manual 1 1 1 Purpose of the Manual The MCA installation training manual was developed to improve the installation of metal roofing within the construction industry. The goal is to eliminate avoidable problems and reduce the need for additional work because of callbacks. This installation training manual is intended for installers of metal roofs, related products and accessories. Other professionals involved in the construction industry can benefit from this training manual


This includes architects, specification writers, c ontractors, building owners, manufacturers, and numerous others. The specific objectives of the MCA install ation training manual are to: o Promote consistent, high quality installations ; decreasing installation deficiencies ; minimizing product failures and c allbacks ; while promoting energy efficiency and, thereby , lowering the ultimate cost to the consumer. o Provide installer s with the basic knowledge necessary for appropriate installation of typical metal roofing products when following the manufacturer’s install ation instructions; o Promote installer safety practices. 1 1 2 Utilizing This Manual This installation training manual was developed to provide information regarding the installation of most metal roofing products , and to serve as a reference for most types of metal roofing products and applications. This manual does not address the unique characteristics of factory assembled insulated metal panel roofs or special environments such as cold storage. The manual provides an overview of information relating to: o The History of , and Introduction to, Metal Roofing Products and M aterials o Panel Attributes o Roofing Design o Sealants and Fasteners o Installation of Products o Common Accessories o Specifications and Codes o Final C leaning and I nspection o Re -roofing o Installer Checklists