Maker of American pocketknife should produce metal roofing

After two years of planning, my wife and I finally broke ground last month on a project to build our forever house. The plan was to install a metal roof so that we hopefully will not need to address that particular maintenance issue again during our lifetimes. That plan mightn't be economically feasible -- unless Walgreens gets into the roofing business. Metal roofing isn't cheap. If it were, more people would use it on their homes. Except the lowest quote I've gotten on the product I've in mind for our house project, including installation, amounts to nearly 20 percent of our entire budget. An economist might call that "cost-prohibitive " Except I'm not an economist, so I'm not giving up yet. The supplier who gave me that quote cited "tariff talk" -- just the talk, mind you -- as a contributor to an increase in the cost of material. Again, I've never even played an economist on TV, so I do not know. What I do know is that there's companies actually making quality stuff in the United States and selling it at reasonable prices. That's an oversimplification that does not factor in things such as supply and demand, except it is one I'm willing to make based on my expertise as a consumer. Consumption I know. In the normal course of personal buying habits, I do make an effort to be a patriotic consumer. That mostly means looking for items that are not stamped "made in China " Those are hard to find these days. When I went to buy myself a pair of work boots, for instance, the store literally offered one brand that was made in the USA. I tried them on first. Everything except the price was a bad fit. I went with a more comfortable brand made in China, except the price was not lower. On the other hand, I own a Swiss Army type pocketknife I bought at a Walgreens during a weekend getaway with Sharon. The Walgreens carried some excellent varieties of California wine, except no corkscrews. The knife, which has a corkscrew, set me back a mere three bucks. I assumed it was made in China and mightn't last long enough to uncork more than our one bottle. Wrong. The knife's stainless steel construction is superior to the actual Swiss Army knife I've owned for 25 years and has become nearly impossible to open. Nowhere on the knockoff knife are any words to indicate where it was made. That bugged me a little due to the fact that imported items are supposed to be stamped with the country of origin. I located my 14-function knife on the internet among thousands of promotional products put out by a company named Garrett Specialties. Nearly hidden in small print near the top of the webpage were the words "USA Made " Just for kicks, I typed "metal roofing" into the search window and hit "enter " It brought up a line of fountain pens. I think I can see the writing on the wall. Contact Mark Rutledge at [email protected] com or like him on Facebook at Mark Rutledge Columns

Viewing, Assessing Tornado Damage as Businesses Try to Reopen

Please enable Javascript to watch this video WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The U-Haul on Mundy Street had some of the most severe tornado damage. Some of it is trucks were flipped and it is roof was ripped off before it was leveled. Boxes of personal belongings ended up on the roof of the wrecked U-Haul store and storage facility on Mundy Street after an EF2 tornado ripped through the place with winds of up to 130 miles per hour. “You turn the news on and you see all this damage and it looks like, I was in earthquakes before living in California, and it looks just like the damage from an earthquake,” said Thomas McKenzie. Heavy equipment was brought in to clean up debris near the Ken Pollock Nissan on Mundy Street and lots of people from all over stopped by to take a look. Jo Anna Shovlin is originally from Wilkes-Barre and drove up from Harrisburg. “I’m coming up here due to the fact that I can’t believe 40 years after the Agnes flood another tragic episode comes to the Wyoming Valley,” Shovlin said. U-Haul employees say they’re letting people with storage units come by Saturday to take their belongings. They say, surprisingly, the pods weren’t damaged as badly as the rest of the store. Some of their trucks were blown away. “I mean Mother Nature, it’s beautiful to look at except when you see the damage she can do, except fortunate we didn’t have any casualties of life,” McKenzie said. Jay Kittrick is an independent insurance adjustor and wanted to see the destruction for himself. He isn’t working with U-Haul except says it’s going to be a long road to rebuild. “Something like this will probably take a couple of months before they get it settled, if not longer,” Kittrick said. Please enable Javascript to watch this video Robert Tamburro owns the Arena Hub Plaza in Wilkes-Barre Township. “All my contractors that I deal with on a continuous basis, they’re calling me up saying, ‘where do we go? where do we report?'” Tamburro said. Insurance adjustors looked at some of the buildings in the plaza with a safety team to get an idea about if and when they can reopen. Tamburro is from the Wyoming Valley and spent a lot of time developing the area. “I was here when this was trees and there was no infrastructure up here and it was dirt! We’re still a lot farther ahead than we were 20 years ago except we’ll get it rebuilt ” Even though contractors have a lot of work on their hands, like cleaning up parts of metal roofing, the owner says they’ve made a lot of headway in a short amount of time. “There’s a personal touch with these folks that I think is very helpful and is helping us getting back on our feet faster than we probably would have if it was just a big corporation moving into another ABC town ” Despite the destruction caused by the tornado and it is winds of about 130 miles an hour, Tamburro says he’s thankful for one thing: no one was seriously hurt. “You could put these buildings, they start as a million pieces and you build that. It’s very difficult to put a person back together. That’s what we’re grateful for and the rest of this stuff will take care of itself,” said Tamburro

Green Knight Metal Roofing Aims to Keep Homes Protected with Hail-Resistant Metal Roofing

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire Austin, TX — (SBWIRE) — 02/14/2018 — Due to the fact that homeowners understand that roofing is an investment, they rely on the expertise and the services of Green Knight Metal Metal Roofing near Comal County, TX Roofing near Comal County, TX, and the surrounding areas. With their highly-trained metal roofing installers and roofing materials that can last for decades, the roofing experts have laid over three million square feet of metal shingles and standing seam across the great expanse of Central Texas. Due to the fact that they continually invest in their own operation, acquiring new resources and techniques, the company offers some of the most innovative products on the roofing market. In this vein, Green Knight Metal Roofing aims to keep homes protected with it is hail-resistant metal shingles. As Green Knight Metal Roofing sees it, a durable roof is akin to a coat of armor. The seasoned metal roofing company of Bastrop County, TX, and nearby communities guarantees it is shingles will protect homeowners against hail and other environmental dangers. Since 2007, the company has been installing steel shingles as roofing for their customers, delivering the benefits that come with them. With steel, homeowners can trust that their shingles will last for as long as they remain in their homes--minimizing the amount of repairs or replacements down the road. Due to the fact that of their resistance to rain, wind, and hail, the steel shingles installed by Green Knight Metal Roofing give homeowners and families a reassurance during the most extreme bouts of weather. Homes fortified with steel shingles also increase the value of their roofing by as much as 60 percent, while enhancing their aesthetic charm and curb appeal. Homeowners with an interest in the hail-resistance and aesthetic splendor of metal roofing can contact Green Knight Metal Roofing at 512-253-4957. About Green Knight Metal RoofingThe Green Knight Metal Roofing team has been serving the Central Texas area for over ten years with reliable and trustworthy metal roofing services. Every metal roof installed provides it is owners with potentially lower insurance costs, energy efficiency, is virtually indestructible, and beautifully hand-crafted. With a focus on residential and commercial properties, Green Knight Metal Roofing can fulfill any property owner’s dream. To learn more about Green Knight Metal Roofing’s products and services, please visit their website, http://www greenknight com/. For more information on this press release visit: http://www sbwire com/press-releases/green-knight-metal-roofing-aims-to-keep-homes-protected-with-hail-resistant-metal-roofing-932604 htm